Speedy Pet Massage Glove
Speedy Pet Massage Glove

Price: `400|`300
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Product – Massage Glove. Material - Rubber. Brand - Speedy Pet. size - 19*24 CM. It  is Ideal for bathing and  coat massaging. This high quality grooming tool is perfect for pets of any size. It has specially designed bristles that gently lift dirt, dust and dead hair from pet's coat. It is easy to use and massages while removing mats, tangles and loose hair leaving one hand free to hold your pet. Their textured handles have a non slip rubber grip for added comfort. Therapeutically and gently massages your pet eliminates mats, tangles loose hair exfoliates and stimulates the scalp for shiny hair. Buy the best pet grooming products in Mumbai from the leading online pet product store. Order pet accessories online from the best pet product store.    

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