Speedy Pet Cleaning And Hair Removal Dog Brush
Speedy Pet Cleaning And Hair Removal Dog Brush

Price: `1,750|`1,313
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Product – Self Cleaning Brush.  Material – Plastic.  Size Option – Small. Dimensions – 17.5*11.5 cm. Brands – Speedy Pet.This product is made of high quality rubber handle, made of stainless steel needle with a comb, fine, feel good. Dogs for curly, long-haired dogs. Remove dead skin and pet becomes healthy and beautiful dog, fur glossy. Stainless steel needle teeth both the dead hair removal, but also on the skin and hair massage initiate action to reduce the incidence of skin diseases. The handle is made of soft plastic, so that the owner when using hand feels very comfortable. Buy the best pet grooming products in Mumbai from the leading online pet product store. Order pet accessories online from the best pet product store







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