Kennel Soft Nylon Pattern Choke Collar Medium Thick (W = 3/4") (T = 2.5 mm)
Kennel Soft Nylon Pattern Choke Collar Medium Thick (W = 3/4") (T = 2.5 mm)

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Product – Pattern Choke Collar. Material –Nylon. Dimensions – Width 1”. Chain Thickness – 3 mm.Collar Length -19". Neck Size - Min 15 Inch, Max -29 Inches. Chain thickness - 2.5 mm.Weight – 100 gms. Brands -Kennel. Kennel Patterned Nylon Choke Collar (Thin) consists of a combination of chain and soft nylon material. This product is made from high quality, fray resistant nylon material which is sturdy, durable and washable. With the attractive colors and patterns on this set, your pet is always fashionable. The chains are electronically welded for maximum strength, nickel-and chrome-plated for durability, and are resistant against rust, tarnish, or breakage. This semi choke collar is 3/4" in width and the chain is 2.5 mm in thickness. This collar is suitable for dogs with a collar size ranging from 15"-19". The collar contains a strong buckle that ensures that your pet will be safe and secure during those fun loving walks in the park. The buckle is made of iron ensuring that the product is strong, reliable and long lasting. Semi choke collars contain a dual-loop design that functions by contracting on the dog’s neck when it attempts to pull its head from the collar, but will release again when the tension decreases. The semi choke collar has the benefit of a choke collar and a regular collar merged into one product. The distinct benefit of restrictive closure of the semi choke collar averts it from becoming too tight. Kennel Pattered Nylon Choke Collar is available in  10 colors - red, blue, black, brown, maroon, cyan, green, pink, yellow and orange. Buy the best pet accessories in Mumbai from the leading online pet product store in Mumbai. Order pet accessories online from the best pet product store.  

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